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  • Politicano publishes a photo-manipulation about Zbigniew Brzezinski - 16 Jun 2017:

    On May 27, 2017, on the day of death of an American political scientist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a new Georgian left-wing political-economic portal Pol...See More

  • - 15 Jun 2017:

    ...See More

  • - 14 Jun 2017:

    ...See More

  • Lado Bedukadze’s and tb24’s disinformation on Russia’s economy - 14 Jun 2017:

    On June 3, 2017, a Georgian webpage published Lado Bedukadze’s story concerning the economic condition of the Russian Federation. The author...See More

  • Attempt to distort the Katyn Massacre - 13 Jun 2017:

    The material published by the Russian publicist, Nikolai Starikov, on his own web-blog in 2012 concerning the decision of ECHR (European Court of Hu...See More

  • Disinformation: In 1991 Lithuanians were killed not by Soviet troops but by Lithuanians themselves - 08 Jun 2017:

    Georgian tabloid Asaval-Dasavali released an interview with Tristan Tsitelashvili in its May 24-June 4 edition, where the latter states that on Janu...See More

  • Disinformation: U.S., Britain Financed Hitler during WWII - 06 Jun 2017:

    On May 14, 2017, Obieqtivi TV dedicated its program "Okros Kveta” (Golden Ratio) to the issue of World War II. Valeri Kvaratskhelia, the host of the...See More

  • Disinformation that NATO will not Protect Baltic States in case of Russia’s Aggression - 05 Jun 2017:

    On May 17, 2017, the Director of the Center for Global Researches, Nana Devdariani, in a program of TV Obiektivi, spoke regarding the NATO’s activit...See More

  • Georgia and World Falsified an Address by General Vincent R. Stewart - 05 Jun 2017:

    On May 31, 2017, an article titled "Pentagon does not Consider Ukraine as an Ally” was published on Georgia and World’s website, where the words of ...See More

  • Russia’s Policy in the South Caucasus Conflicts
    - 02 Jun 2017:

    Georgian tabloid Asaval-Dasavali released in its May 15-21, 2017 edition an interview with Valeri Kvaratskhelia, leader of Socialist Georgia, in whi...See More

  • Myth about Georgia’s Neutrality and "Non-Block Status” - 01 Jun 2017:

    It has become increasingly frequent that pro-Kremlin media outlets, representatives of public organizations and particular politicians periodically ...See More

  • Kaspersky Lab, Accused of Collaboration with Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), is in Georgia - 30 May 2017:

    On May 18, with the aim of supporting cyber-security, Kaspersky Lab placed a three-dimensional (3D) banner in a park at the Freedom Square saying "L...See More

  • The video, which racist Facebook pages have uploaded on happenings in the Tbilisi Metro, is manipulative - 30 May 2017:

    On May 23, 2017, the Facebook page ‘Tsinaagmdegoba Momavlistvis’ ("Resistance for the Future") released a video entitled: "Jungles in Tbilisi subway...See More

  • Disinformation about a phone conversation between Donald Trump and the Baltic State leaders - 24 May 2017:

    On May 17, Bondo Mdzinarashvili, anchor of the program "Night Studio" on Obieqtivi TV, reported that U.S. President Donald Trump, during a telephone...See More

  • Faking history: Politicano attributes the construction of Chiatura to the Soviet Union, instead of Akaki Tsereteli - 22 May 2017:

    On May 14, 2017, Politicano’s Facebook page published a material, attributing the construction of Chiatura to the Soviet Union. Politicano:...See More

  • 18+: Disseminated video of "organ trading" depicts victims of Russian air bombing in Syria instead of black market trade victims in Turkey - 22 May 2017:

    On May 15, 2017, Georgian websites, and published material with identical content, titled "Greek media publis...See More

  • 18+:'s videofabrication about the trade of Syrian children's organs - 18 May 2017:

    On May 14, 2017, published an article claiming that Turkey was trading with organs of dead Syrian children. The article included photos c...See More

  • Statement that Night Wolves were not Denied Entry to European Countries is False - 18 May 2017:

    Commenting on the issue of allowing the pro-Kremlin biker group Night Wolves to enter Georgia, Nino Burjanadze, leader of Democratic Movement – Uni...See More

  • 18+:  A photo-manipulation by on alleged children organ trade actually uses photos from Damascus, Indonesia and Abkhazia events - 16 May 2017:

    On May 14, 2017, social networks saw a dissemination of material, titled "Only 18+!!! Turks trade with organs of living Syrian children.”...See More

  • Disinformation: The US has not funded Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru - 15 May 2017:

    On May 6, 2017, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, signed a budgetary act supporting the territorial integrity of Georgia (2017 US Co...See More

  • Photo Manipulation: Protest by Bangladeshi Citizens instead of Support by German  Citizens - 12 May 2017:

    On May 10, Facebook pages Geo Pepe and Anti-Liberal Club posted a manipulative photo, captioned "’Merkel Must Stay!’ – Tens of Thousands Flood Germa...See More

  • Disinformation: Georgia was put on the list of endangered countries - 11 May 2017:

    On March 13, 2017, published an article entitled "Georgia was put on the list of endangered countries", which was published on May 4 by ‘Ga...See More

  • - 05 May 2017:

    ...See More

  • Photo  Manipulation  by  Marshalpress - 04 May 2017:

    On April 30, news agency Marshalpress published information piece titled "Russia put its Air Defense Systems in the Full Military Readiness Mode”. T...See More

  • 3 Myths  about  the  Treaty  of  Kars - 03 May 2017:

    Tamar Kiknadze, political analyst, told Obieqtivi TV’s political talk show Gamis Studia (Night Studio) on April 24 that the Treaty of Kars envisages...See More

  • Photo Manipulation by Sakinformi - 01 May 2017:

    On April 25, Sakinformi news portal released a story titled "Refugee rapes German woman in front of her boyfriend.” According to the story, a refuge...See More

  • Politicano's photo and factual manipulation about Hillary Clinton - 28 Apr 2017:

    On April 17, 2017, a Facebook page Politicano disseminated a photo representing Hillary Clinton. An inscription accompanied the photograph that Hila...See More

  • Geworld's  Photo  Manipulations  and  Disinformation  About  Rape  of  Mummy  and  a  Wax  Figurine - 27 Apr 2017:

    On April 24, 2017, the Internet portal ‘Saqartvelo da Msoflio’ (Georgia and the World / published an article designated "In America, a m...See More

  • Disinformaton: The Syrian Government has not used the Chemical Weapon - 26 Apr 2017:

    On April 7, as a response to the Syrian governmental forces’ offensive on the city of Khan-Shaykhun in Idlib province (April 4), the United States imp...See More

  • Imedinews, based on Sputnik, Labels NATO’s Humanitarian Intervention in Serbia an "Aggression” - 19 Apr 2017:

    On April 11, 2017, the news webpage of TV Imedi ( published an information piece called "Serbia Builds a Memorial for the Victims of NA...See More

  • - 14 Apr 2017:

    ...See More

  • Recurring disinformation about the undemocracy of the European Parliament - 13 Apr 2017:

    On March 11, anchor Gia Areshidze on ‘TV Obieqtivi’ show ‘Gamis Studia’ discussed about the undemocratic nature of European Union institutions, the ...See More

  • Disinformation on alleged opening of NATO Military Base in Poti and the Treaty of Kars

    - 07 Apr 2017:

    20-26 March issue of Asaval-Dasavali published an article by the editor-in-chief of the online-edition Saqinform – Arno Khidirbegashvili, titled "Sa...See More

  • Manipulative Interactive Question about Visa Liberalization in Maestro’s Fire Line - 05 Apr 2017:

    On March 28, Maestro TV presented a manipulative question about visa liberalization in a talk-show – Fire Line. The editorial board of the channel t...See More

  • Ministry of Corrections of Georgia Contracted Pro-Kremlin "Tbilisi 24" for Dissemination of Information - 04 Apr 2017:

    Media Development Foundation (MDF) released report "Financial Transparency of Media 2016”. According to the report, budget organizations continue to...See More

  • Photomanipulation of Saqinform about John McCain and Rustavi 2 - 30 Mar 2017:

    On March 16, 2017, Saqinform published a news article titled "Miserable soldier McCain who inflicted even bigger losses to the US Army than Viet Con...See More

  • Disinformation: ECHR failed to react when Human Rights were violated during the time of UNM - 29 Mar 2017:

    Ever since the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) prevented the execution of the judgment passed by Georgian Supreme Court regarding the Rustavi ...See More

  • Disinformation: Trump handed Merkel a service bill for NATO - 28 Mar 2017:

    On March 26, 2017,, based on a Russian source, published information about Donald Trump allegedly handing Angela Merkel, the chance...See More

  • Photomanipulation about the building of the European Parliament in social network - 24 Mar 2017:

    Photomanipulation with a title Ironic Symbolism of the Building of the European Parliament has been noticed in the social network recently. It pictu...See More

  • Imedinews manipulated information by - 21 Mar 2017:

    On 17th March, the media company Imedi published on its news website, information titled "In Britain, children will be born from 3 pare...See More

  • Disinformation: France isn’t complying with the decisions made by the European Court of Human Rights - 15 Mar 2017:

    In its March 6-12, 2017 issue, the journal "Asaval-Dasavali” published an interview with a Georgia Public Broadcasting TV correspondent, Giorgi Popk...See More

  • Recurrent Black propaganda against Lugar Laboratory - 13 Mar 2017:

    Since 2012, the pro-Kremlin and ethno-nationalistic publications, as well as various non-profit organizations and numerous respondents regularly spr...See More

  • Refugee resettlement obligation not part of the discussion between Georgia and the EU - 06 Mar 2017:

    On 5th March, the Georgian and Russian media have spread information as if the Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs proposed an opening of Refugee C...See More

  • - 24 Feb 2017:

    ...See More

  • Myth: The USA combats cultural identity, Russia is a Third Rome - 23 Feb 2017:

    On February 3, 2017, "Saqartvelo da Msoflio" (Georgia and the World) published on its website an article by political analyst Irakli Ubilava "Unip...See More

  • Myth: American soldiers are not involved in NATO missions - 31 Jan 2017:

    On January 22, 2016 Georgian Public Broadcaster televised a report about the foreign policy chosen by Georgia according to the results of the NDI su...See More

  • - 20 Jan 2017:

    ...See More

  • Disinformation: Putin has never waged war on Chechnya and Chechens - 17 Jan 2017:

    An interview of the Leader of Neutral Georgia, Valeri Kvaratskhelia was published in the January 9-15 issue of Asaval-Dasavali, in which he claimed ...See More

  • Disinformation about Nadezhda Savchenko moving to Russia - 26 Dec 2016:

    On December 25, The Georgian Times and disseminated information piece, titled "Nadezhda Savchenko moves to Russia due to Private Security Rea...See More

  • Myth about Bananas with HIV-Infected Blood and’s Misleading Title - 19 Dec 2016:

    On December 15, an information agency published an article titled Bloody Bananas with HIV-Infected People’s Blood – Panicked People are...See More

  • Disinformation: Trust of Russia Today is increasing among American and European Viewers - 15 Dec 2016:

    On December 8, 2016, an article by the Head of Eurasian Institute, Gulbaat Rtskhiladze - On the Absurdness of "Russian Propaganda” - was published o...See More

  • Disinformation: Facebook will be off during Weekend days - 08 Dec 2016:

    It has been several days, that information as if Facebook will be turned off during weekend days, was spread via social networks. Similar stories we...See More

  • Disinformation: Encyclopedia Britannica falsifies Georgian History - 06 Dec 2016:

    On December 1, 2016, an online-edition published an Armenophobic article "Armenians’ Black November in UNESCO – Dolma has been attribut...See More

  • - 29 Nov 2016:

    ...See More

  • MDF’s new report on Hate Speech reveals Anti-western attitudes - 17 Nov 2016:

    On 16 November, Media Development Foundation (MDF) released its annual report on "Hate Speech” depicting media monitoring findings of Georgian TV, o...See More

  • A member of Public Assembly also disseminates disinformation on establishing visa-free regime by the USA to Belarus - 11 Nov 2016:

    Disinformation about introducing visa-free regime by the USA to Belarus, first voiced on October 31 by information agency TB24and Geomedia TV, wa...See More

  • Weekly Fun: Russian politician after Trump's victory: "America is ours” - 11 Nov 2016:

    After winning presidential elections by Donald Trump in the United States of America, the member of ruling political party "Edinaia Rasia" (United R...See More

  • Disinformation on granting a visa-free regime by the United States to Belarus - 08 Nov 2016:

    On October 31, an information agency, Tbilisi 24, disseminated information about granting a visa-free regime by the United States to Belarus. Accord...See More

  • Pro-Russian Trolls against investigative journalists and SMS from the deceased father - 07 Nov 2016:

    Two criminal cases opened concerning defamation and slander against journalists in Finland and Sweden. Both reporters concerned are well-known for f...See More

  • Conspiracy theory: A professor in the US has been killed for creating an anti-tumor drug - 02 Nov 2016:

    In October 10, 2016 issue of Asaval-Dasavali, an interview of professor Gia Aleksidze was published, in which he blames the United States of murderi...See More

  • According to German-language "Sputnik", Russians prefer "die sooner" to "live eternally" - 28 Oct 2016:

    German-language "Sputnik” published the results of study about life expectancy in European and Central Asian countries. According to the World...See More

  • Disinformation of asaval-dasavali and TV zvezda on an illegal western business of trading organs in Ukraine - 13 Oct 2016:

    In September 26 – October 2 issue, Asaval-Dasavali published a material in which the host of a program Особая Статья ("Special Article”) on Russian ...See More

  • Conspiracy theories about 9/11 terrorist attack - 11 Oct 2016:

    Conspiracy theories about 11 September terrorist attack periodically appear in Georgian Media claiming that it was conducted by the U.S itself. For ...See More

  • Russian firm produces beds for children shaped like BUK missile launchers - 07 Oct 2016:

    While Russian government tries to divert attention from downing Malaysian plane in Eastern Ukraine by BUK missile launcher, Russian company CaroBus ...See More

  • Myths about George Soros - 29 Sep 2016:

    Georgian media often disseminates myths about anti-Georgian activities of a philanthropist, George Soros. An interview of the leader of political un...See More

  • Russian conspiracies about Pokémon GO - 23 Sep 2016:

    Popular game Pokémon GO was represented as an application created by foreign secret services on the Russian TV company „РЕН ТВ". According to the TV...See More

  • Disinformation of Asaval-Dasavali and Tsargrad TV on Breeding of Humans and Animals in the United States - 01 Sep 2016:

    After Georgia and World, now Asaval-Dasavali newspaper is publishing the disinformation on experiments on breeding humans and animals in American re...See More

  • Disinformation: Tests are being conducted in the United States to combine human and chimpanzee - 26 Aug 2016:

    On August 17, 2016  the webpage of "Georgia and World" published an article named „Blasphemous Experiments – Humans are Bred with Animals in the Uni...See More

  • Disinformation on an Alleged Attempt of Jimmy Olsen to Rape an Alligator - 18 Aug 2016:

    On August 17, 2016, an article with the following title was published on Georgia and World website: "A youngster eaten by an alligator during an att...See More

  • Publication, as if senator of Alabama has confused the country of Georgia with the state of Georgia, was reported by satirical-comic portal. - 17 Aug 2016:

    On August 15, the false information was spread via social network as if Alabama senator had confused country of Georgia’s Olympic team with the team...See More

  • Georgian Media Revives Soviet Propaganda Myth about James Forrestal’s Russophobia - 20 Jul 2016:

    On July 11, a web portal Politicano posted on its Facebook page an article titled "Russophobia Drives First U.S. Secretary of Defense Mad and He C...See More

  • How Russia Today deleted the trace of Cluster bombs - 27 Jun 2016:

    Russia Today (RT) is Russian government - funded TV network which brings the Kremlin's messages to an audience outside Russia. Unfortunately, the me...See More

  • Factual inaccuracy in a Public Broadcasting’s article - 13 Jun 2016:

    On 31 May Public Broadcasting published news, based on The Independent, that there was an instance of sexual violence by migrants against the locals...See More

  • Distortion and manipulation with facts in the Asaval-Dasavali article - 25 May 2016:

    In its issue for 9-15 May, Asaval-Dasavali newspaper claimed that Danish court decided that 17-year old victim of sexual violence by a Moroccan mi...See More

  • Asaval-Dasavali disseminates false facts about Ban Ki-moon on the basis of Russian sources - 03 May 2016:

    On April 11, Asaval-Dasavali newspaper published an article, according to which during his visit to Lebanon Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made the...See More

  • Number of Volunteer Foreign Language Teachers Decreased by 98% over the Last Few Years - 25 Apr 2016:

    According to the Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union, the cooperation in the field of education and training shall focus,...See More

  • April Fools’ Day Prank Spread in Social Network under the Guise of Truth - 15 Apr 2016:

    On April 14, a web portal Politicano shared on its Facebook page the article disseminated by Russian website Kont, according to which the Russian F...See More

  • Manipulation with Human Leather Clothes in Asaval-Dasavali and Russian Media - 11 Apr 2016:

    Journalist Giorgi Gigauri from Georgian tabloid Asaval-Dasavali disseminated information as if the English firm Human Leather makes clothes out of h...See More

  • Russian information propaganda prepares new cartoon for children - 01 Apr 2016:

    Russian Government takes too seriously to disseminate authorized messages across Russian population. This time, Kremlin chooses children as the targ...See More

  • Protest to bullfighting in Russian photomanipulation

    - 23 Mar 2016:

    According to the web-portal Russia Lies, the Center for Coordination of Assistance to so-called Novorossiya disseminated a photo of a bleeding wom...See More

  • The statement that a liberal means a worshiper of the Roman God is wrong. - 14 Mar 2016:

    Author Zurab Tsurtsumia  Levan Vasadze: "Liber was a patron deity of Rome’s plebeians and part of the Aventine Triad in the pantheon of Roman q...See More

  • Russia Lies: Aleksandr Dugin’s Photophabrication - 09 Mar 2016:

    According to the web-portal Russia Lies, the leader of the international Eurasian movement, Aleksandr Dugin published the photos of infant childre...See More

  • Myths and Reality about ‘Me and Society’

    - 29 Feb 2016:

    Denola Chkhartishvili "Me and Society” school subject has been actively debated by the society over the past two years. Some civil society orga...See More

  • Photomanipulation of the Russian propaganda

    - 22 Feb 2016:

    Web-portal Russia Lies actively informs the public about "The most disseminated 220 lies of Russia”. Another lie is about a little girl, whose pho...See More

  • Fabrication of the videoclip "Novorossiya is undefeated” - 16 Feb 2016:

    Most widespread 220 lies of Russia Myth Detector continues publishing another case about most prevalent lies of Russia. Current case is about litt...See More

  • Most widespread 200 lies of Russia - 11 Feb 2016:

    Myth Detector continues publishing most prevalent lies of Russia. The source is web-portal Russia Lies which combines 200 cases at this moment. ...See More

  • Myth and Reality about Sexual Violence against Women - 08 Feb 2016:

    Tiko Tsomaia Those people, who saw the photo depicting a lifeless body of a three-year-old Syrian boy lying face down in the sand, believed that ...See More

  • Financing and medication quality of the C Hepatitis elimination program - 03 Feb 2016:

    There are questions asked in the media regarding the state program of C hepatitis elimination, about the quality of medication and financing of th...See More

  • Statement, that according to European Court decision the employer is given the right to control employee’s private mails, is false - 22 Jan 2016:

    Giorgi Meladze European Human Rights Court decision from January 12, 2016 on the case BĂRBULESCU v. ROMANIA received ambiguous reaction in the m...See More

  • Statement that international organizations do not conduct public opinion research in EU member states is false - 21 Jan 2016:

    Public opinion research conducted by well-known international organizations is frequently subject to varied interpretations. Domestic political fo...See More

  • Most widespread 200 lies of Russia - 19 Jan 2016:

    In order to achieve its various propagandist purposes during ongoing hybrid war in Ukraine, Russian media repeatedly tries to manipulate with such...See More

  • Moscow’s target is Syrian opposition, Washington’s target is Islamic State - 11 Jan 2016:

    On 11 December, on the web-site of the Georgian edition of Russian news agency "Sputnik" was published a material with the statement by official re...See More

  • Funny myths and false news of the year - 04 Jan 2016:

    In the hybrid war in Ukraine Russian media spends considerable financial resources for propaganda. Demonization of Ukrainian government, presentin...See More

  • Christian Roots of Santa Claus and Christrmas Traditions

    - 24 Dec 2015:

    On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, millions of children expect to get presents from Santa Claus, who is generally depicted as a white-bearded old ma...See More

  • What do we mean by "European Values” and how acceptable are they for Georgian national tradition?

    - 15 Dec 2015:

    Merab Ghaghanidze The European civilization, which has developed through centuries and continue to develop, is marked with several exceptional qu...See More

  • The myth that the Lugar laboratory conducts biological experiments on Georgian population is groundless - 11 Dec 2015:

    Batu Kutelia Security is a major component in the process of building a modern democratic state and neither welfare nor economic development can...See More

  • Information that EU Paid EUR 3 Billion to Turkey to Down Russian Warplane is False - 09 Dec 2015:

    Source: Arno Khidirbegashvili, editor of "Sakinform": "The prostitute European Union has awarded Turkey for the downed Russian warplane, wh...See More

  • Information that women in Saudi Arabia are executed for driving and the United States encourages it, is wrong - 07 Dec 2015:

    Recent media statements misinterpret the issues related to Saudi Arabia and link all these with the United States. Most recently, false informatio...See More

  • Incorrect interpretation of Ilia Chavchavadze quote regarding America - 25 Nov 2015:

    "American states desire to establish brotherly union between the nations". Ilia Chavchavadze, 25 February 1889 Patriots Alliance representative...See More

  • U.S Embassy Moscow responded on Twitter to ИЗВЕСТИЯ.РФ-'s false letter - 19 Nov 2015:

    U.S Embassy Moscow responded on its Twitter-page to the Russian daily "Известия" -‘s fake letter. On November 18, "Известия" published falsified e...See More

  • Myth, as if the NGOs are against cultural heritage, is groundless - 16 Nov 2015:

    Manana Tevzadze There is a widespread opinion regarding non-governmental organisations,that they are against national values. This view is easily ...See More

  • How Russian Media Creates myths - 14 Sep 2015:

    Natalia Antelava In April 2005, soon after Vladimir Putin stated on national television that the destruction of the USSR was "the greatest geop...See More

  • Assertion that, visa liberalization will not bring tangible benefits to Georgian citizens is misleading

    - 09 Sep 2015:

    Dali Kurdadze The prospect of visa-free travel between EU and Georgia is not a myth; but a tangible benefit for Georgian citizens through the proce...See More

  • The myth that the west is interested in worsening Georgia’s education and science system is groundless - 31 Aug 2015:

    Simon Janashia For many years now, the Georgian state has been receiving a substantial assistance from Western countries and private sponsors to...See More

  • The Myth,that adoption of ID cards is an obligation under the Association Agreement, is misleading - 09 Dec 2014:

    The statements that adoption of ID cards is related to the Association Agreement and is required by the European Union are not correct. Moreover, ...See More

  • Media myths regarding events in Ukraine are misleading - 27 Nov 2014:

    On 2 March 2014, by the initiative of the students from Mohyla School of Journalism and journalist editors program Digital Future of Journalism, an...See More

  • Myth that the West is fighting against Georgia’s cultural identity is Misleading - 28 Oct 2014:

    The Western government agencies and private foundations, as well as international organizations have been providing significant financial and tech...See More

  • The Myths about Lugar Center are Misleading - 15 Jul 2014:

    Richard Lugar Center for Public Health Research was established as part of the biosecurity partnership between Georgia and the United States. In par...See More

  • Myth: story about microchips being implanted in newborn babies is misleading - 03 Feb 2014:

    No EU member state or any other country in the world plans to implant newborn babies with the so called microchips. There is no reference in eithe...See More

  • Statement that the growth of Estionian GDP is due to population decrease, is false. - 20 Mar 2017:

    On March 3, Georgia and World published a material in which a political scientist Giorgi Mdivani attributed the growth in Estonia’s GDP per capita s...See More

  • Myth: EU integration will impoverish us - 16 Feb 2017:

    Georgian media periodically spreads information, that Georgia’s integration in the EU may result in the deterioration of the economic situation. To ...See More

  • Alia's misinformation: McCain's visit to Georgia is only demonstrative, Israeli assistance – factual - 23 Jan 2017:

    The newspaper "Alia" 9-15 January 2016 issue published an article by journalist Gela Zedelashvili entitled "The real reasons behind John McCain’s vi...See More

  • Disinformation: No direct investment has been made from the United States to Georgia - 27 Dec 2016:

    On December 19, 2016, a member of the United Democratic Movement, Dimitri Lortkipanidze, on air on TV Caucasia, noted that no direct investment has ...See More

  • Disinformation about Introducing U.S. Potatoes to Svaneti - 06 Oct 2016:

    On September 11, 2016, Marshalpress published a Facebook post by Robert Sturua, which contained disinformation about introducing U.S. potatoes to ...See More

  • Disinformation: American Brands have not been operated in Georgia - 15 Aug 2016:

    On July 25-31, 2016, the newspaper "Asaval-Dasavali, published an interview with Zviad Chitishvili, the leader of the political union "Our Homeland”...See More

  • Information that the West has not constructed any enterprises in Georgia, is false - 25 Jul 2016:

    In 13-19 June 2016 edition of Asaval-Dasavali, an interview of the former Minister of Internal Affairs, Temur Khachishvili was published in which he...See More

  • The information that the EU prohibits planting onions in Croatia, is groundless - 22 Jul 2016:

    On June 27, the host of the Spektri program of TV Kavkasia, Davit Akubardia, stated that Croatian farmers are prevented from planting onion due to i...See More

  • Misleading title of  "The Georgian Times" about the EU’s economic cooperation with Russia - 29 Jun 2016:

    On June 6, the online edition of the newspaper Georgian Times published the news entitled "Angela Merkel supported to create the EU’s common trade z...See More

  • - 21 Mar 2016:

    ...See More

  • Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia made false statements regarding the EU market in an interview with Sputnik-Georgia - 17 Mar 2016:

    On 10 March 2016, Sputnik-Georgia published an interview with Zurab Chekurishvili, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture of Georgia: "The Ministry ...See More

  • The statement that Georgia gets more income and assistance from Russia compared to Western states is false

    - 25 Feb 2016:

    The European Union is Georgia’s main trade partner. The data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia demonstrates that Georgia’s overall tr...See More

  • 12 Reasons Why #NoToGazprom - 15 Jan 2016:

    Giga Bedineishvili 1. The Gazprom gas is more expensive than Azerbaijani gas. It costs twice less to Azerbaijan to produce gas and transport it to...See More

  • The myth of Georgia’s agricultural and industrial products being useless for the West is groundless
    - 24 Nov 2015:

    Malkhaz Narindoshvili Investments from the EU member states to Georgia exceeded 820 million US dollars and amounted to 45% of total foreign direc...See More

  • Myths and reality regarding transport cooperation with EU - 20 Nov 2015:

    Part I Gela Kvashilava Article VI of the Georgia-EU Association Agreement envisions deeper cooperation in the sphere of transport. In this sphe...See More

  • The myth that EU is destroying Georgian agriculture is baseless - 18 Aug 2015:

    The myths that Association Agreement with the EU will cause destruction of the Georgian agriculture are baseless. In fact, the EU supports develo...See More

  • Myths and Reality about Economic Crisis in Greece
    - 28 Jul 2015:

    The Greek economic crisis is one of the hardest ever seen in peacetime by developed nations. Since 2008, the economy contracted by fourth and came c...See More

  • The statement of the Minister of Finance that adoption of the draft law increasing the tobacco excise tax is an obligation of Georgia undertaken 10 years ago with EU, is misleading - 03 Dec 2014:

    According to the legislative amendment prepared by the Ministry of Finance, the excise tax on tobacco shall increase starting from 1st January 201...See More

  • Myth regarding the prohibition of trade with homemadeagricultural products is misleading - 12 Nov 2014:

    Neither the Association Agreement concluded with EU nor does the code passed by the Parliament of Georgia on the Protection of Food Safety, Veteri...See More

  • Myth that EU requires prohibition of slaughtering of less than one-year old domestic pigs is misleading - 02 Nov 2014:

      EU official structures have never required from Georgia to prohibit slaughtering of less than 1 year old domestic pigs. Such prohibition does n...See More

  • Myth that the Russian Federation is the key sales market for Georgian products is misleading - 12 Oct 2014:

    After the Russian Federation partially lifted the economic embargo in 2013, the volume of Georgian wine exports to foreign countries significantly...See More

  • Myth that customs exemptions granted under DCFTA will be applicable only to few products is Misleading - 04 Sep 2014:

    Once Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) which is part of the Association Agreement between Georgia and EU enters into force, the ...See More

  • Myth that European Market will remain closed for Georgia is Misleading - 18 Aug 2014:

    The significant component of the Association Agreement concluded between Georgia and EU is establishing deep and comprehensive free trade (DCFTA)....See More

  • The Myth, that the Association Agreement will result in removal of local made products on the Georgian market, is Misleading

    - 22 Jul 2014:

      The Association Agreement was executed between European Union and Georgia in Brussels on 27 June 2013. The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Ag...See More

  • Myths regarding collapse of the economies of the Baltic countries’ are Misleading

    - 20 Jul 2014:

    · After all three Baltic countries became members of European Union, their economies have grown with record rate; · By the level of economic dev...See More

  • Sputnik Georgia Changes Homophobic Title Six Days Later - 28 Feb 2017:

    On February 21, 2017, Sputnik Georgia posted a material on its Russian-language website with a title "Georgia may allow lesbianism and homosexuality...See More

  • TB24 Disseminates a Photo-Fake and Disinformation about Ukraine - 28 Feb 2017:

    On February 26, an information agency TB24 published a photo titled Photo for the Mood – Children’s Present to Fathers for February 23. The caption ...See More

  • - 28 Nov 2016:

    ...See More

  • Disinformation, as if Finland deprives children of Russian Families - 18 Nov 2016:

    On November 2, pro-kremlin Russian information agency published disinformation as if Finnish authorities deprived two daughters from Russi...See More

  • Disinformation: UK starts Rehabilitating pedophiles and homosexuals - 10 Nov 2016:

    An article by a journalist, Giorgi Gigauri, was published in the 31.10. – 6.11 issue of Asaval-Dasavali with a title West Starts Total Rehabilitatio...See More

  • The claim that Social Worker Institute Aims to Destroy Family Institute is groundless - 10 Aug 2016:

    On August 10, 2016, the Law on Preventing Violence in Family, on Protecting and Helping Victims of Family Violence was amended. This law implies too...See More

  • The myth that according to Orthodox Christian teaching woman’s place is at home - 11 Nov 2015:

    Tata Tsopurashvili Modern Georgian clergy talks a lot about women, but not about the women whose lives are systematically lost to domestic vi...See More

  • - 31 Oct 2015:

    ...See More

  • Myth that NGOs are Foreign Mercenaries Fighting against their own Country is Groundless

    - 19 Oct 2015:

    Tamar Khorbaladze Certain interested groups and the part of media actively promotes the idea that the NGOs are the spies of foreign secret servi...See More

  • The Statement that the West Helped us only with "Water and Diapers” during the 2008 Russian-Georgian War is Wrong - 12 Oct 2015:

    Dali Kurdadze Zurab Tsurtsumia In recent period, the certain individuals or interested groups sow doubts about whether the United States can be c...See More

  • The myths of free trade deal with the EU yielding zero results and Georgian economy having no prospect for success without further integration with Russia are groundless

    - 09 Oct 2015:

    Malkhaz Narindoshvili The European Union is Georgia’s major trading partner. The trade turnover between the two hit almost 2 billion US Dollars i...See More

  • Myth that Civic Education Threats National Identity and Individuality is Groundless - 05 Oct 2015:

    Tamar Gurchiani   What is Civic Education? Civic education is a subject that has long been taught in our schools, and its purpose is not only t...See More

  • The myth that liberalism fights against the national identity, is unfounded - 07 Sep 2015:

    Ghia Nodia Liberalism is a social and political worldview which historically emerged and became entrenched in the West, but nowadays it is spread...See More

  • The Myth, as if European Union obliges Georgia to legalize gay marriage, is misleading - 27 Sep 2014:

    The Association Agreement between Georgia and EU does not address gay marriage. However, among other issues, the Agreement speaks about protection o...See More

  • - 30 Nov -0001:

    ...See More

  • Disinformation: ECHR Violated the Principle of Subsidiarity over Rustavi 2 Case - 12 May 2017:

    On April 24, 2017, released an interview with Eva Gotsiridze, member of the High Council of Justice, in which she slams the European Co...See More

  • The lowest rate of abortions –North America and Europe (West/North), the highest in Russia - 08 Feb 2017:

    On 2nd February, "Georgia and the World” published an article, in which it made unjustified generalizations based on abortion statistics in Georgia,...See More

  • Disinformation: The European Union is governed by the people who have not been elected by anyone - 26 Jan 2017:

    On January 16, a representative of Global Research Center, Nana Devdariani stated that the EU is a bureaucratic system that has not been elected by ...See More

  • Media Manipulations about Passportization of Pigs - 23 Dec 2016:

    On December 21, TV Iberia’s news program aired a manipulative reportage titled "A Regulation for Pig Farmers”. The reportage mentions the Resolution...See More

  • - 05 Dec 2016:

    ...See More

  • The claim, that in the U.S. it is possible to vote with plastic cards bought in supermarkets, is groundless - 13 Sep 2016:

    On September 6, during the talk-show "Political Night” on TV Company "Obiektivi”, Nana Devdariani, head of the "Global Research Center”, stated that...See More

  • Disinformation: De-criminalizing Marijuana in the Netherlands Increased its Consumption - 22 Aug 2016:

    On August 10, 2016, an interview of the Leader of Saint Ketevan the Martyr Church, Giorgi Razmadze was published on the website of Georgia and World...See More

  • Manipulation of Juvenile Justice Issues in Palitra News Program - 27 Jul 2016:

    Speculations concerning the juvenile justice issues with anti-Western context continue to take place in various media outlets. On July 17, in ...See More

  • Information that Switzerland Closed All McDonald's Restaurants is False - 21 Jun 2016:

    Banks and Finances, an online edition, ran an article on June 18 saying that Switzerland closed McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain after European...See More

  • Manipulation with Juvenile Justice Issue by Russian Propaganda and Violence Statistics - 31 May 2016:

    On May 19 a group of Orthodox clerics expressed protest against the bill submitted to the Parliament for consideration, which envisages separation o...See More

  • False Interpretations on Production and Import of Genetically Modified Foods - 20 Apr 2016:

    MP Gogi Topadze, leader of the Georgian Dream ruling coalition member party Industrialists, said that under the Association Agreement signed with ...See More

  • Myths and Real Facts about Non-Visa Rules

    - 28 Mar 2016:

    Political analyst, Soso Tsintsadze disseminated misinformation in the interview with Alia newspaper when he said that non-visa rules will grant no...See More

  • Information that readmission agreement with the EU obliges Georgia to let in Syrian refugees, is wrong - 05 Feb 2016:

    Tamar Khuntsaria One of examples of the strengthening Russian propaganda in Georgia is the claimthat has lately appeared in the Georgian media, t...See More

  • Myths and reality regarding cooperation with the EU in the transport sphere - 04 Dec 2015:

    Part II: Necessity of compulsory periodic tests of the cars’ readiness for exploitation Gela Kvashilava Article VI of the Georgia-EU Association ...See More

  • The myths that juvenile legislation is directed against the institution of family are groundless - 21 Sep 2015:

    Dali Kurdadze In the Georgian media and public discourse the term of "juvenile legislation” is used incorrectly. The groundless allegations are sp...See More

  • The information, that foreign funding of local NGOs is prohibited in Poland - is groundless - 25 Aug 2015:

    The statement made by Archil Chkoidze, the representative of the Eurasian Institute, that funding of NGOs by U.S or any foreign country is prohibi...See More

  • Myth that pedophilia is not a punishable offence in the west is misleading - 20 Aug 2014:

      Sexual violence towards children is a challenge in the modern world. Similar offenses usually are widespread in those countries where state ins...See More

  • The Myth that Visa Liberalization Applies Only to Privileged Group is Misleading - 11 Aug 2014:

    Visa free regime with the EU will allow the citizens of Georgia to move freely within the Schengen countries.  In particular, each Georgian citizen ...See More

  • The myth about legalization of incest in the West is misleading - 30 Jul 2014:

    Incestual relationship with adolescents is a grave crime in all countries; Incest among adults is criminalized in the majority...See More

  • - 01 May 2017:

    ...See More

  • 4 Myths about Visaliberalisation - 09 Mar 2017:

    Starting March 28th, 2017, Georgian citizens will have the ability to travel to countries belonging to the European Union/ the Schengen zone, on sho...See More

  • Key Stages of the Russian Expansion - 26 Feb 2017:

    Pro-Kremlin and Ethno-Nationalist media often cites Russia’s input in the development of Georgia as a counterbalance against the background of the i...See More

  • Myth about the Soviet Occupation of Georgia - 24 Feb 2017:

    On February 25, 1921, the Soviet Red Army entered Tbilisi. This date is considered the day of "sovietization” of Georgia following the Government of...See More

  • Myth on So-Called "Dulles’ Plan” is still Actual in Tabloid Media - 15 Feb 2017:

    On February 6, "Geworld" repeated a popular myth among Georgian tabloid media outlets about the so-called "Allen Dulles’ Plan” in an article titled ...See More

  • Disinformation: "Georgian Legion” fighters left Ukraine - 02 Feb 2017:

    On 27th January 2017, the news "recruited Georgian fighters are returning from Ukraine to Georgia, due to the non-payment of salaries” was posted on...See More

  • Ada Marshania disseminates false information on visa liberalization - 13 Jan 2017:

    On January 12, Ada Marshania, a member of Alliance of Patriots, while commenting on granting a decision supporting visa liberalization for Georgia m...See More

  • Photo manipulation: Bosnia instead of Kosovo, 1995 instead of 1999 - 10 Jan 2017:

    On January 9, photo manipulation was published on Politicano’s Facebook page with a caption saying that the photo was picturing the outcome of NATO ...See More

  • Russian propaganda regarding Iraqi National Museum robbery by American soldiers relies on a false investigation bureau - 13 Dec 2016:

    On the 1st of December, „Georgia and the world" published an article titled "American soldiers stole about 130 thousand ancient artifacts from Iraq”...See More

  • Disinformation as if American naval base is being constructed in Anaklia Instead of deep sea port - 01 Dec 2016:

    On November 21-27, newspaper Asaval-Dasavali published an interview with oceanographer Nodar Tsivtsivadze, where he expresses his suspicions as if i...See More

  • Disinformation: NATO Operations have not Brought Peace Anywhere

    - 03 Nov 2016:

    Disinformation about NATO military operations is periodically disseminated via Georgian media. On October 19, 2016, a journalist of Georgia and Worl...See More

  • Speculations on Intervention of NATO in Kosovo in 1999 - 27 Oct 2016:

    Speculations on NATO air operation in Kosovo in 1999, targeting the President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, appear peri...See More


    Brīvības un Solidaritātes Fonds released the publication "Resisting Foreign State Propaganda in the New Information Environment: the case of the EU,...See More

  • Soviet Myths about World War II - 20 Sep 2016:

    On September 8, 2016, an article by Iza Tamazashvili was published on Georgia and World website, in which she states: "Where was the West duri...See More

  • Information, disseminated in the Russian media that Georgians demand sending Russian troops, is false. - 10 Aug 2016:

    Last week, materials with identical title - "Грузины просят ввести встрану российские войска” (Georgians demand sending Russian troops)– were dissem...See More

  • Disinformation by Global Research Center in Alia regarding the Lugar Laboratory - 04 Aug 2016:

    In its edition on August 1-7 Georgian newspaper Alia published an article prepared by Global Research Center titled "The Lugar Laboratory in Georgia...See More

  • Soviet KGB’s Myth about the Origin of AIDS Virus in Sakinformi - 02 Aug 2016:

    On July 21 Sakinformi, an online portal, released an interview of its editor-in-chief, Arno Khidirbegishvili with Russian news agency REX, according...See More

  • The claim that America is against Georgia getting closer to its occupied territories and populations is false - 18 Jul 2016:

    On June 21, 2016 political observer Alexander Chachia said in an interview with Asaval-Dasavali that Americans would not allow Georgia to get closer...See More

  • Misleading headlines regarding military coup attempt in Turkey by PIA and Komsomolskaya Pravda

    - 16 Jul 2016:

    On July 16, PIA news agency and Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda published identical materials about the military coup attempt in Turkey. Spec...See More

  • Information that drug production increased 40 times in Afghanistan following U.S. military intervention is false - 13 Jul 2016:

    On June 16, 2016 Georgia and the World posted on its website a translated extract from the book "Crisis: How is it done?” by Nikolai Starikov, which...See More

  • Portrayal of "Eternal Call" as the Dulles’ Plan in Asaval-Dasavali and Kviris Palitra - 11 Jul 2016:

    Georgian media and social networks periodically disseminate information about the plan of Allen Dulles, an American diplomat and director of the Cen...See More

  • The claim that Tina Khidasheli said that functioning of the NATO training centre in Georgia was illegal is incorrect - 05 Jul 2016:

    On June 29, internet portal Saqinform published incorrect claim that Minister of Defense Tina Khidasheli had called functioning of the NATO training...See More


    On 30 May Asaval-Dasavali published an article in which the journalist claimed that the NATO officially introduced new uniforms for lesbian, gay, bi...See More

  • Information that Germany and France Plan to Disintegrate EU is False - 29 Jun 2016:

    On June 27, Pirveli news agency disseminated information, according to which France and Germany unveiled an initiative on EU disintegration. Polish ...See More

  • The statement that Georgia will join NATO at the expense of its territorial integrity is false - 19 May 2016:

    The statement made by Georgian Dream lawmaker, Tamaz Mechiauri, according to which Georgia will have to give up its territorial integrity in excha...See More

  • The claim that in Poland NGOs financed from abroad are prohibited is false - 16 May 2016:

    "The statement by the chairman of the "Rights Defenders’ Union” Nikoloz Mzhavanadze that NGOs are prohibited in Poland is false.Such claim was mad...See More

  • BBC’s Conspiracy Files on Crash of Malaysian Boeing 777 - 11 May 2016:

    On April 27 a web portal Georgia & World, and later on May 5 Sakinformi disseminated information according to which BBC documentary contradicts offi...See More

  • The myth that joining NATO will threaten Georgia’s territorial integrity is baseless - 30 Nov 2015:

    Irakli Kiknavelidze The five national issues most important for Georgian people have not changed for a long time – alongside healthcare, unemployme...See More

  • The Myth about Euro-Atlantic integration turning Georgia into a Turkish military base is Misleading
    - 16 Aug 2015:

    The military bases of NATO member-states, including Turkey, will not be placed in Georgia if it joins NATO. The NATO activity, procedure and structu...See More

  • Myth, that the West provoked the military conflict in Ukraine, is misleading - 17 Oct 2014:

    Blaming the West for the ongoing war in Ukraine is a part of the propaganda by the pro-Russian groups in Georgia. In fact, the crisis in Ukraine w...See More

  • The Myth that Euro-Atlantic integration threatens Georgia’s territorial integrity, is misleading - 06 Oct 2014:

    The misconception that integration with the West undermines Georgia’s territorial integrity is part of Russian narrative and is propagated in Georg...See More

  • Fabrication: Activities of Jehovah's Witnesses in France and Montenegro are prohibited - 21 Apr 2017:

    In 10-16 April issue of ‘Asaval-Dasavali’, Zviad Tomaradze, director of ‘Saqartvelos Demografiuli Sazogadoeba XXI’ (Georgian Demographic Society XXI...See More

  • Disinformation: Confessions are being Done via Social Media in Europe and the United States - 07 Mar 2017:

    The February 26 – March 5 issue of Alia disseminated information that some churches in Europe and the United States receive confessions via social m...See More

  • Disinformation of and Russian TV Channels: European Parliament affiliated Russian Orthodox Church with Terrorism - 07 Dec 2016:

    On November 23, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on increasing propaganda of Russia and Islamic terrorist groups and called for the EU i...See More

  • Disinformation: Vice President Candidate from the Democrat Party Threatened to Banish the Catholic Church from the United States - 22 Nov 2016:

    In the November 14-21 issue of Alia, the Head of the Rights Defenders’ Union, Nikoloz Mzhavanadze stated that believers, including Orthodox Christia...See More

  • Disinformation: Stalin built 22,000 Churches after the Great Patriotic War - 31 Oct 2016:

    There was active discussion on social media in Georgia surrounding a recent article published by Sputnik Georgia. The piece covered and reported a...See More

  • Hans Joachim Kiderlen: How could not Georgia share European values, if Georgia is already part of Europe?! - 15 Jun 2016:

    The question is whether so called European values are contradicting, opposing so called Christian values. I think this question is already false que...See More

  • Universal Values from Georgia’s Church Treasure - 17 Feb 2016:

    Nugzar Papuashvili In post-Soviet Georgia, a significant part of the population is sure that the idea of citizen equality and other democratic v...See More

  • Information that European Court Bans Infant Baptism is False - 28 Jan 2016:

    Georgian media and social networks reported recently that according to the ruling issued by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), starting fr...See More

  • Assertion that the U.S Partner Saudi Arabia permits men to eat their wives is Wrong

    - 17 Nov 2015:

    On November 1, 2015 during the news program "Courier P.S” on Rustavi 2,the chairmen of the Eurasian Choice - Archil Chkoidze, with the purpose of ...See More

  • Myth, that the Americans are fighting religion, is groundless

    - 03 Nov 2015:

    Giorgi Meladze The USA is the most religious state among the countries of the West. Since fleeing religious repressions and settling in America, ...See More

  • The myth that Europe opposes the Orthodox Christianity is misleading - 22 Dec 2014:

       "Orthodox Christianity, one of traditional denominations of Europe, historicallywas the state religion in Georgia which has formed the Geor...See More

  • The myth about the European Union fighting against Orthodox Christianity is misleading - 05 Aug 2014:

    Orthodox Churches are represented in the EU institutions through CROCEU – the Committee of the Representatives of Orthodox Churches to the Euro...See More

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